“All his life he tried to be a good person. Many times, however, he failed. For after all, he was only human. He wasn't a dog.” ~Charles M. Schulz


Where to begin... Everything started in 1994 when my father bought me the first dog - a Newfoundland! His name was Perl Heniks Nuo Ozo Kalvu. I can say that Perl was true member of our family. He participated everywhere: Birthday parties, Christmas, New Year parties, vacations...he was always with us like brother, like friend. I was very young, however I am so thankfull I had him, because this made me very responsible. While other teenagers were having fun...I had to walk my dog! I met a lot of amazing people, we walked together and we are still friends!

Everyone loved Perl, he was called "Lion". At that times there were only few Newfoundlands in the country and I was so proud. However our happiness didn't last long, we lost him at the age of 4... My heart was totally broken...After months of desperatly crying I decided never have a dog again, especially the Newfy.

Well...Destiny had another plans... By incidentally curcumstances we went to watch a dog show, our friends wanted to see Retrivers. At the very entrance of the show there was a ring with Newfoundlands, the ring was finished, but the Best of Breed winner was still there, it was beautiful male Mega Star King of Helluland. My eyes started to glow! I WANT A DOG! The same breeder I had my first newfy from was there and I asked her if she has puppies. "I wait for the litter in September" she said, so I have decided immediately and my husband realized that NOTHING IN THE WORLD WOULD CHANGE MY MIND!

And after months of waiting our puppy was here. It was the most cuttiest puppy in the world!

Milord Nuo Ozo Kalvu aka MILO

So show fever began. We ended Junior and Adult championships, Milo has won Club winner title and was TOP 1 Newfoundland in 2008.


He is already retired and enjoys life with us being a perfect family member. He has his best friend, a German Shepperd called Rex.

"Who is the Boss?"

They are always together...


It was a time to look for a female. We decided to bring one from States. Firstly it looked like mission impossible, but we made it and she was here! Bowater's Starlight - PERIE! Many thanks to Deb and Carl Sylvester from Bowater's kennel (USA) for help, trust, hospitality and the most important - FOR FRIENDSHIP! For some years Perie was co-owned with Olga Gordejeva and had beautiful litter with Moment of Glory For Shadow's Eternity at Olga's kennel.

Perie in very short period has ended Junior and Adult championships, lots of times she was placed in groups and best in show rings, she is WORLD JUNIOR CHAMPION and International Champion of Beauty. In the year 2010 she was nominated for the best Newfoundland in Lithuania.

Perie is a true Star Light for us.

Moreover she is working as a THERAPY DOG!


Bowater's Braveheart aka TANGO

I am totally in love with Kosmo, his father (Dream Time For Shadow's Eternity). So I had lost my sleep while waiting for this little fluffy miracle. Tango made his debut in Europe at Danish Gold Cup and was recognized as the best male puppy of both show days as well as Silver Gold Cup Finalist of the puppy class in 2010. He is multi winner of groups, best in shows, specialties. Being a junior he has won a lot of titles and international shows. In the year 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 he was nominated for the best Newfoundland in Lithuania. Now Tango is International Champion of Beauty, the winner of all three specialties in Baltics - Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia! He has won Champion of the champions title in 2014 and was recognized as the BEST DOG IN LITHUANIA!!! He is amazing stud dog and father of beautiful children, and already grandfather. It is wonderful to see his children and grandchildren growing so nicely and winning all around the world. We are so proud!

I cannot tell about the guest we had here. True "gentle giant" Bowater's Time Traveler aka LOGAN. This dog will be forever in my heart and he will never be forgotten.

"Logan on the roll" - this picture you can find in the book "World of Newfoundlands 2010-2011" representing Lithuania.

And this is a painting by Maleo "Logan with Eve" (my daughter)

Newfoundland are dogs that I admire, they are MY PASSION, it still takes my breath away when I look at them! I am not going to be a big breeder but newfies will always be the part of my life...

Kennel "JUODA SVAJA" - in English it means "BLACK DREAM".

I go for my Dream and I really know that we have not to dream our life but LIVE OUR Dreams! Now it's time to start my own path and my kennel. Finally!!! Welcome to my own website. Enjoy!!!

Sincerely, Margo

With Eve and Tango